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Batchfire is a dynamic, industry-leading transitional energy company which has sustainability at the heart of our business.

Batchfire is a dynamic, industry-leading transitional energy company which has sustainability at the heart of our business.

We will always conduct our operations in ethical, legal and responsible ways which demonstrate respect and care for our employees, communities and the environment.

We are committed to responsibly developing the Callide Basin’s mineral resources while respecting and safeguarding the land on which we work. We will play our role in the journey to address climate change and achieving the global goal of Net Zero emissions by 2050.

That’s why we established a dedicated ESG & Development Team to work directly with our Board, identifying opportunities to further reduce our emissions and continually improve all aspects of Batchfire’s approach to ESG issues.

Our Board is responsible for the management of our organisation and carries out its duties with integrity, transparency and accountability.

We apply multiple policies from our Board through the broader business leadership and all personnel. These policies and procedures address the application of respect, diversity, inclusiveness, accountability, privacy, risk management, training, talent development and recognition.

The sustainability initiatives we have already committed to form part of a road map guiding Batchfire’s growth beyond a pure energy coal operation towards our own business target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

ESG Policy

How we are reducing emissions

We recognise the risks facing the environment and the role we can play in reducing these risks.  We promote a culture of environmental compliance within our organisation and we remain committed to reducing our environmental and carbon footprint.

The coal that Batchfire produces for the domestic and export market is the lowest fugitive emission energy coal mined anywhere in Queensland, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in power generation within Australia and overseas.

We have implemented technology-based carbon efficiency measures across the Callide Mine to improve the performance of our diesel-powered mining fleet.

Reducing fuel consumption by actively tracking our mining fleet with MaxMine

Introducing new, more fuel-efficient trucks and excavators to replace older machines

Using battery and solar panel systems to power communications hubs and other stationary facilities

Introducing a range of sustainable post mining land uses for our site’s rehabilitated areas is a primary consideration in the development of our Progressive Rehabilitation and Mine Closure Plan (PRCP).

Our PRCP strategy combines innovative and traditional land uses to deliver the environmental and social outcomes that consider the local Callide Valley’s future and stakeholders when our operations come to an end.

Sustainable grazing partnerships in association with sustainable farming partners for beef production

Native forestry plantation for carbon offsets

Soil reconditioning for carbon sequestration

Contouring rehabilitated land to maximise solar farm efficiency

Our sustainability initiatives

As the freehold and leasehold land holder of some 16,000 hectares across the Callide Rangelands area over the Callide Basin, we are conscious of our responsibility to grow and further improve our sustainable land management practices.

Batchfire is renewing the Mount Murchison Nature Refuge Agreement, continuing our commitment to the preservation of our region’s diverse flora and fauna.

We are partnering with our local Traditional Owners, the Gaangalu Nation People, to consider a range of beneficial and sustainable land uses:

Environmental offsets

Carbon offsets in forestry

Seasonal cold burns

Fencing to protect wildlife habitats

To enable Batchfire’s long-term strategy of transitioning to renewable energy generation while responsibly developing mineral resources, our ESG & Development Team is investigating a range of projects to assess their suitability.

Remote solar units

Commercial battery storage

Pumped hydro

Fixed solar farm

Wind farm

Methane gas from land fill

Batchfire has activated an Offset Management Strategy and Species Management Plan to minimise and manage the environmental footprint of our operations, establishing our requirements for monitoring, reporting and implementation.

We also regularly report on the condition of groundwater monitoring bores within our site.

Batchfire and safety

The safety of our site, our employees and everyone connected to Batchfire is Batchfire’s primary consideration at all times.

We believe that it is possible to prevent all workplace accidents, incidents and injuries – this is the goal that we strive for.

Safety is a daily, ongoing priority for us that is integrated into Batchfire’s operations through health and safety policies that are the responsibility of everyone within our business.

Examples of safety practices at the Callide Mine include visitor induction requirements, random drug testing and procedures around the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Latest ESG news

The PC4000 was customised for our unique operational requirements and built to withstand harsh Queensland mining conditions, alongside Komatsu who helped us with the build.
Batchfire is proud to support its workforce and the wider Biloela community, with an initiative offering company employees one year of free membership at the Callide Valley Men’s Shed!
Batchfire has renewed its multi-million dollar technology agreement with MaxMine for another three years, further enhancing our data-driven approach to reduced emissions and improved productivity.

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