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Batchfire Resources is a leading Queensland producer of ultra-low impurity, low fugitive emission energy coal.

We are proud to power the Biloela and the Callide Valley economy, supporting 1,250 local families directly within our workforce or indirectly through our supplier business partners.

Batchfire plays a crucial role in generating the baseload electricity powering Australia’s national grid by delivering around 18% of Queensland energy needs.

Our product has one of the lowest fugitive emissions factors globally and low levels of inherent impurities, making it one of the cleanest burning coals in the Asia Pacific region.

Our exports enable communities in Asia to benefit from affordable, reliable electricity supply and improve living standards.

We are committed to progressing renewable energy projects which are central to our transitional energy business model.

Targeting Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

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1250 families support directly and indirectly
42% of all local employment
85% of workforce live within Callide Valley
$89.7 million wages paid
$293.4 million paid for products & services
$31.3 million royalties paid to Qld Gov

Responsibly developing the Callide Basin resources.

At Batchfire we place environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria at the heart of our day-to-day activities and long-term planning.

The sustainability initiatives we have already committed to form part of a road map supporting our transitional energy business model moving beyond a pure energy coal operation towards our target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Strong partnerships with people and an enduring relationship with the land are fundamental aspects of our commitment to responsibly develop the Callide Basin resources while protecting the local environment for future generations.

As we progress the potential for renewable energy projects, Batchfire’s dedicated ESG & Development team is working with our Board to strengthen ESG practices and identify opportunities to further reduce our emissions.

Our strong relationship with the First Nations Gaangalu Nation People (GNP) has been vital in developing partnerships around cultural heritage management. We recognise GNP native title over the lands on which Batchfire operates and seek to increase ongoing First Nations employment and business partnership opportunities.

Building a safe, diverse and resilient future workforce is central to our operations and a critical aspect of our ESG strategy. Batchfire continues to engage with our employees and their representatives to ensure our shared goal of maintaining a safe and productive workplace with a culture of challenge, courage, integrity and commitment.

Queensland’s lowest fugitive emission, ultra-low sulfur energy coal.

Batchfire’s Callide Mine produces an average of 11 million tonnes of ultra-low sulfur energy coal every year.

This outstanding product is the lowest fugitive emission energy coal mined anywhere in Queensland.

Batchfire’s coal is more widely applicable to cleaner electricity generation in the Asia Pacific regions because of these low fugitive emissions and the ultra-low levels of inherent impurities.

These energy efficient characteristics make it better suited than many other coals for consumption in power stations, alumina refineries and other major industries within Queensland and worldwide.

With coal providing 68 per cent of Australia’s electricity supply in 2023 the nation relies upon this affordable, reliable source of power for our homes and businesses.

Batchfire is proud to meet the exacting quality and performance benchmarks demanded by our customers.

Reliable energy at home and abroad.

Every year, Batchfire provides up to 6 million tonnes of ultra-low sulfur, low fugitive emission coal to CS Energy’s Callide B and Callide C Power Stations which are located close to our site within the Callide Basin.

Our product is a critical element of the coal-fired power generation process at the Callide Power Stations.

These lynchpins of the Queensland electricity supply system deliver up to 1,525 megawatts of baseload electricity to the national grid – that’s enough power for almost 2 million homes.

By enabling the Callide Power Stations to deliver low cost, baseload, network stabilising electricity into the national electricity grid Batchfire is helping to keep the lights on and systems operating for families and businesses across Queensland and eastern Australia beyond.

Our expanding exports to developing countries in Asia enable these communities to benefit from reliable electricity generation, advances in education and employment within these growing economies.

The heart of our community.

The Callide Mine has been central to community and prosperity in Biloela and Banana Shire, supporting generations of mining families for more than 80 years.

Batchfire upholds this responsibility today as the Callide Valley’s largest employer, however, our role extends beyond being a catalyst for regional prosperity and partnerships.

Each year Batchfire’s operations generate more than $30 million in royalties, charges and taxes which are paid to all three levels of government.

This helps to fund the shared services that our entire country relies upon including healthcare, education, roads, community services and the police.

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