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Visitor Induction

All visitors to Callide Mine are required to complete an induction before visiting the site. To save time on arrival please complete the online induction. If you are unable to complete the visitor induction online please allow sufficient time (Approx 20 min) when arriving on site.

Please print your induction slip. Please ensure you have an appointment with person you wish to visit prior to coming to site.

Each time you visit site as a visitor you will be required to select a marble from a bag. If you select the red marble you will be required to undertake a drug test. Please allow sufficient time for you arrival on site.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

  • Mobile phones are NOT to be used when operating Light Vehicles unless they are operated through a hands-free system fitted to the vehicle when outside an active mining operational area.
  • When mobile phone calls are to be made or received using the hands-free system inside active mining operational areas, the Light Vehicle must be parked in a safe location and able to respond to a call on the mine site radio if required.

Medium and Heavy Mobile Equipment

  • Where electronic devices are used for playing music, the volume is to be kept to a level where the mine site radio can still be heard and understood.
  • Mobile phones (speaking and texting) are not to be used while operating mobile plant.
  • Where a mobile phone is being used as a music player while operating mobile equipment, it must be switched to “flight mode” so that it is not sending or receiving text/data or receiving phone calls.

Fixed Plant & Draglines

  • Mobile phones are not to be used when operating or adjusting operating fixed plant unless the mobile phone is being used for communications necessary to make the plant adjustments.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used while walking around operating fixed plant. The person making or receiving a phone call must stand in a safe place while using the mobile phone.

General Requirements

  • Watching of video images on electronic devices is strictly not permitted at any time while operating any vehicle or equipment.
  • Under no circumstances are phones to be used to take photographs unless approval is provided by the Department Manager and/or SSE.
  • Batchfire employees, contractors, and visitors have obligations to comply with the mine’s Safety and Health Management System and are required to comply with this policy while on the mine site.
  • Breaches of this policy will result in disciplinary actions being taken, up to and including dismissal or removal from site.

The company may utilise a mobile phone detector at various times to detect breaches of the mobile phone policy.

Thank you for your attention and compliance with this requirement.

Visitor Induction

Environmental, Social and Governance

This Offset Management Strategy has been prepared as part of the of the Boundary Hill South Project (the project) approved under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) approval (EPBC 2012/6324).

The EPBC Act approval requires offsets for the Squatter Pigeon (southern) and the Koala, and potentially the South-eastern Long-eared Bat.

Offset Management Strategy

Species Management Plan

This Species Management Plan has been prepared as part of the of the Boundary Hill South Project (the project) approved under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) approval (EPBC 2012/6324).

Through the Species Management Plan implementation, Batchfire Resources Pty Ltd, will avoid, minimise and manage the project’s impacts on EPBC Act listed species and their habitat. This will be achieved by monitoring, reporting and implementation of key commitments.

Species Management Plan

Boundary Hill South Annual Compliance Report

This Annual Compliance Report has been prepared under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 Approval EPBC 2012/6324 as part of the Boundary Hill South Project. The report addresses compliance with conditions of the approval over a 12 month period since the commencement of the action.

EPBC_2012_6324_Annual-_Compliance_Report_2018_2019_Final_03.pdf Download
EPBC_2012_6324_Annual_Compliance_Report_2020.pdf Download
EPBC_2012_6324_Annual_Compliance_Report_2021.pdf Download
EPBC_2012_6324_Annual_Compliance_Report_2022-1.pdf Download
EPBC_2012_6324_Annual_Compliance_Report_2023.pdf Download

Boundary Hill South Groundwater Monitoring Plan

As per conditions of the Approval for the Boundary Hill South Lease Extension under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC 2012/6324), and the site Environmental Authority, Callide Mine has completed monitoring of groundwater monitoring bores. Results of the monitoring will be uploaded here following receipt.

BHS-Groundwater-Q4-2018.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q1-2019.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q2-2019.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q3-2019.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q4-2019.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q1-2020.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q2-2020.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q3-2020.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q4-2020-1.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q4-2020-2.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q1-2021.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q2-2021.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q3-2021.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q4-2021.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q1-2022.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q2-2022.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q3-2022.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q4-2022.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q1-2023.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q2-2023.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q3-2023.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q4-2023.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q1-2024.pdf Download
BHS-Groundwater-Q2-2024.pdf Download

Batchfire Callide Groundwater Monitoring

As per conditions of the Approval for the Associated Water Licence 618793 under the Water Act 2000, Callide Mine has completed monitoring of groundwater monitoring bores.

AWL-SWL-Monitoring-Q1-2022.pdf Download
AWL-SWL-Monitoring-Q2-2022.pdf Download
AWL-SWL-Monitoring-Q3-2022.pdf Download
AWL-SWL-Monitoring-Q4-2022.pdf Download
AWL-SWL-Monitoring-Q1-2023.pdf Download
AWL-SWL-Monitoring-Q2-2023.pdf Download
AWL-SWL-Monitoring-Q3-2023.pdf Download
AWL-SWL-Monitoring-Q4-2023.pdf Download
AWL-SWL-Monitoring-Q1-2024.pdf Download
AWL-SWL-Monitoring-Q2-2024.pdf Download