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Batchfire upskills tradies to address industry skills shortage

We are proud to unveil our comprehensive dualupskilling initiative, as we aim to address the industry-wide skills shortage and provide our workers with the best possible career opportunities.  

The innovative program is designed to facilitate the career cross-skilling of light vehicle technicians to diesel fitters, and diesel fitters to auto electricians, ensuring a versatile and robust workforce capable of adapting to the industry’s evolving demands. 

The initiative is a collaborative effort between Batchfire Resources, Apprentices & Trainees Queensland (ATQLD), and TAFE Queensland. Together, we hope to tackle the persistent trade shortages affecting the resources industry. 

By bridging the skills gap, our aim is to ensure a sustainable and proficient workforce for the future – benefiting Batchfire and our people.  

“We are a residential mine with a focus on local people, and we recognise there are skills gaps, so we want to upskill the incredible tradespeople we already have here now,” Batchfire Resources Training & HR Systems Manager, Breohny Burnett said. 

Sally Cowen, Field Officer at Apprentices & Trainees Queensland, expressed her enthusiasm, having been closely involved in establishing the important industry initiative.  

“This program is a game-changer for the industry,” Ms Cowen said.  

“By providing comprehensive training and clear career pathways, we address current skill shortages and assist Batchfire Resources in ensuring long-term success for their workforce and mine.  

“The collaboration with Batchfire Resources and TAFE Queensland is crucial in making this initiative a reality.” 

The programs are designed to equip our workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the mining industry, through a mix of on-site practical training and theoretical modules.  

This dual approach not only enhances the skills of current workers but also establishes clear career pathways and progression within our workforce.  

“This is all about fostering the growth of our existing workforce, as we acknowledge those who are eager to learn and grow as tradespeople,” Ms Burnett said. 

“We want to reward the talented apprentices within our workforce, by spotting talent early on and helping those people accelerate their mining industry career.” 

We are committed to helping our skilled tradespeople advance by promoting from within the company, while fostering a culture of growth and development. 

“We are developing the future leaders here at Batchfire, through programs like this one,” Ms Burnett said. 

“Many of our dual-trade apprentices will go on to tackle leadership roles, so we are proud to be able to fast track their careers with this program.” 

This strategic initiative by Batchfire Resources highlights our commitment to proactively addressing industry challenges, and the investment in developing a skilled and adaptable workforce is one that aims to contribute to the broader stability and growth of the Banana Shire regional economy and in turn the Australian energy industry. 

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