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2023 Scholarship Program Success

Batchfire’s 2023 Scholarship Program was a resounding success, with six eager recipients ready to start their resources career journey this year. 

The 2023 intake consists of two students from Redeemer Lutheran College, and four from Biloela State High School, representing a range of study areas and universities.  

The following students have been welcomed into the Batchfire community, with $5,000 per year for university-related costs, guaranteed vacation work, and placement opportunities.  

Zoe Wilke – University of Sunshine Coast, Bachelor of Communications 

Austin Kombo – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Bachelor of Engineering 

Bianca Kroll – Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Bachelor of Business 

Matthew James Wyatte – CQU, Bachelor of Engineering and Diploma of Professional Practice 

Caitlin Boothby – University of Queensland (UQ), Bachelor of Electrical Engineering 

Olivia Mowat – Bachelor of Engineering 

Batchfire Resources General Manager of Operations, Scott Haynes, oversaw the program and says it’s a crucial component of the wider recruitment strategy.  

“We are a residential-focused mine and relish the opportunity to support local school leavers to progress their studies,” Scott said. 

“I look forward to seeing the scholarship recipients get involved with the Callide Mine through vacation work. 

“The scholarships complement our other entry points for local residents to access employment at Callide Mine with eight apprenticeships, two warehouse traineeships and 32 NTI operators commencing early in 2023.” 

Redeemer Lutheran College Head of Curriculum (Secondary), Sarah Conway says the Scholarship Program is essential to fostering local talent and supporting the next generation of resources sector professionals. 

Redeemer Lutheran College, Biloela is very proud of Matthew Wyatte and Austin Kombo, past Seniors of 2022 who have been both awarded a Batchfire Resources scholarship to support their university degrees in Engineering,” Sarah said.  

“Batchfire’s involvement with Redeemer Lutheran College and their support as a QMEA sponsor and providing guest speakers and financial support for our students in the form of scholarships, which includes vacation work at Callide Mine site, are essential to growing local talent to return to Biloela. 

“As the world is faced with skills shortages, now is the time to invest locally to ensure future skills are met for the foreseeable employment opportunities with many new developments occurring in the Biloela district.” 

Sarah believes the resources sector offers promising career opportunities for students from Redeemer Lutheran College and other regional schools, many of whom already have close family ties with the Callide Mine.  

“The resource industry provides many job options for our students. Many students have strong family ties with Callide Mine and working locally is important to be sustained in rural areas both economically and socially,” Sarah said. 

The Batchfire Scholarship Program recipients are all overjoyed by the opportunity to undertake their prospective studies with the aim of working in the resources sector. Here’s what they had to say! 

“I am absolutely thrilled to have gotten the Batchfire Scholarship! It means the world to me to have local support when I have to travel so far from home. I am super excited to get involved in the university community, but even more excited to bring all my knowledge and experiences with me when I go back home. Thank you Batchfire for the opportunity!” – Bianca Kroll 

“I feel extremely honoured to receive this scholarship. I have been working part time while at university throughout my first year and trying to find a healthy work-study balance has been hard. This scholarship will allow me to focus more on my study and obtaining the academic results I want. I am most excited to gain experience in the field and expand my knowledge by meeting other people enthusiastic about similar topics to me.” – Caitlin Boothby 

“Honestly, it feels amazing knowing that I’ve been given such a valuable opportunity to help with my education and future career. I am excited to learn and understand the skills I need to create positive change in communities.” –  Olivia Mowat 

“I am very grateful to have been selected as a 2023 recipient for the Batchfire Resources Mining Scholarship. The generous assistance given through the financial aid by Batchfire and the offered opportunity of vacation work, has absolutely elevated my personal drive regarding the challenging university studies ahead. Although, I am most excited for the experiences that await before me in this new chapter of university life, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me in the resources sector.” – Matthew Wyatte 

“Receiving a Batchfire Resources Scholarship has been a major relief not only for myself but also my family. I am grateful for this scholarship because it has provided me with financial aid concerning the costs associated with studying. I am looking forward to the travelling opportunities in the years to come and gaining hands-on experience as an engineer.” – Austin Kombo 

“To get the email from Batchfire made me feel extremely excited, as it meant I could attend Uni this year. To work for Batchfire in my Uni holidays and get experience in the resources industry in my chosen field is an amazing opportunity, and I am extremely grateful. What I am most excited for is to expand my knowledge of the resources sector, while working alongside industry professionals and working towards my degree.” – Zoe Wilkie 

We can’t wait to welcome the Batchfire Scholarship Program recipients to our Callide Mine for holiday work. Congratulations once again, to all six students. 

To find out more about Batchfire you can connect with us on LinkedIn or contact us here.