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Batchfire upgrades to 10% more efficient Cat D10 and D11 dozers

Batchfire’s new Cat D10T and D11T dozers boast improved economy, performance, and productivity for our Callide Mine.  

Our commitment to investing in the latest equipment, as part of an initiative with Hastings Deering to modernise our pre-strip mining fleet, includes four D10Ts and four D11Ts – half of which have already been delivered.  

Batchfire Resources Superintendent Mobile – Engineering and Maintenance, Daniel Boal explains the machinery needed to offer a mix of carbon emission reductions, high productivity, and around-the-clock reliability. 

“There were no questions, we were going Caterpillar dozers,” Mr Boal said. 

“The impressive reliability and performance of our existing fleet of Cat dozers was an important factor in our decision to invest in the new Cat D10Ts and Cat D11Ts. 

“They are essentially replacing older version D11Rs and D10Rs, and we’ve seen an efficiency gain of 10% with the new style engines.” 

The new dozers also feature Cat Terrain, which uses high-precision GPS guidance technologies, and material tracking, to help the operators work the machines according to plan. 

With onboard GPS guidance tools and real-time feedback, Cat Terrain for grading gives dozer operators the information to maximize machine efficiency by monitoring coal seam location, bench heights, cycle times and the volume of material cut and filled. 

Batchfire Resources Superintendent – Dragline and Mine Services – Mining and Production, Matthew Scales, confirmed that Batchfire had recently re-introduced Dozer push back into the operation when setting up benches for the Draglines. 

“That’s to optimise the dragline fully and make sure they’re efficient in what they’re doing. It just makes them more productive by having the D11s in front of them. We expose more coal and progress the dragline plan a lot quicker,” he said.  

“We upload mine plans into the dozers, and we’ve put ramps in recently using that system, within 30 millimetres of the designs. I mean, that’s excellent! 

“It takes a bit of pressure away from having surveyors on the ground, potentially exposing them to additional hazards.” 

 Check out the video below of our new Cat dozers in action! 


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