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Batchfire renews Mount Murchison Nature Refuge Agreement

Batchfire recently renewed the Mount Murchison Nature Refuge (MMNR) Agreement, as landholder of the region, continuing our longstanding commitment to the preservation of native flora and fauna. 

Nature Refuge Agreements are part of the Queensland Government’s Private Protected Area Program, which encourages partnerships with private landholders to enable conservation of the state’s unique biodiversity and natural landscapes. 

“We are committed to perseveration of the Mount Murchison Nature Refuge, which offers a mosaic of native flora and fauna,” Batchfire Resources CEO, Allan Fidock said. 

The MMNR is a diverse ecosystem managed by Batchfire, ensuring the protection of native species like the Squatter Pigeon, Pedley’s Wattle, and koala habitat.  There are also stands of SEVT or semi evergreen vine thicket. 

“The Pedley’s Wattle in our Timber Reserve isn’t found anywhere else in Australia, and at present we are doing more than anyone else to protect this native species,” Mr Fidock explained. 

“Batchfire is committed to preventing disturbances to the region, resulting from fire, mining, weeds, and invasive species like feral pigs.” 

An old cattle handling plant has also been incorporated into the new MMNR Agreement, which sits on the nature refuge as a reflection of recent historical uses of the land. 

Batchfire is proud to lead the way in conserving precious native Australian ecology, through initiatives like our MMNR Agreement in our portfolio of resources for a sustainable future.  

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