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Regular training ensures our Emergency Response Team has the capability to assist if called upon

The safety of everyone visiting or working at the Callide Mine is a daily priority for Batchfire Resources.

That’s why we are proud of our employees’ shared commitment to creating a safer working environment for themselves and their colleagues.

Batchfire continues to ensure that the most rigorous standards are understood and achieved across our operations, so that everyone returns home to their family at the end of each shift.

While we manage risks associated with operations, on a large mine site unexpected situations can happen despite having the most up-to-date safety systems and procedures in place.

Having a highly skilled team ready to manage any scenario that may develop at the Callide Mine is an essential aspect of our daily operations.

Four-month training program

A recent cohort of 30 Batchfire Resources employees commenced training to become members of our Emergency Response Team (ERT).

This intensive four-month program sees them receive expert instruction in four key emergency scenarios: vertical rescue; confined space rescue; road crash rescue; and firefighting.

The wide range of necessary skills includes abseiling down a building, knowing where a vehicle’s structure should be cut to access an injured driver, and extinguishing a fire with the least amount of water.

Having qualified as ERT staff, each member of the team participates in monthly crew training days which refresh the training they have already received and updates them on any changes to procedures and legislation.

Expressions of interest process

The ERT crews have the capability and equipment to respond quickly to emergency situations within the mine, including paramedics and nurses who can manage injuries until the Queensland Ambulance Service arrives.

Batchfire employees who wish to join an ERT training course apply during our expressions of interest process, with the preferred candidates being shortlisted and interviewed.

A variety of background criteria are taken into consideration, so while some of our ERT staff may have rural fire service experience many others do not.

Personal fitness is one of the priorities so qualified staff receive free gym membership as well as ERT and first aid allowances.

It is a credit to the Callide Mine team that so many people want to upskill themselves, to be able to care for their colleagues and provide vital assistance should the need eventuate.

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