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Information sharing helps improve productivity, accountability and safety at the Callide Mine

At Batchfire, we understand that effective information sharing improves productivity and accountability across all levels of our workforce.

That’s why we host regular State of the Nation sessions to keep our entire Callide Mine team up to date on key issues affecting the business.

These quarterly updates include the latest news on safety, procurement, training, rehabilitation and production.

This year’s first State of the Nation event provided information about our investment in new 930E-5 diesel-electric drive dump trucks, which have since been delivered to site.

We also detailed the simplified process through which employees can access forms and policies from our People team.

Sharing the latest production performance data, maintenance updates and geotechnical information ensured that everyone recognised the improved outcomes, efficiencies and approach to risk management being delivered across our operations.

This commitment to creating a cohesive working environment is defined by our Batchfire Values, which emphasise people, safety, productivity and the environment.

Our People – We support our people to help them grow as future leaders. We work as a team and build long term, respectful relationships. Maintaining a safety-led environment is our shared responsibility.

Our Resources – We are commercially focused and deliberately lean to encourage innovation and agile decision making.

Our Home – Environment and community are essential to our success. We drive employment, partnerships and a culture of local participation that bonds us all together.

Our Future – We develop and deliver strong plans to enable confidence in our future. We are committed to moving our transitional energy business model beyond a pure energy coal operation towards our target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Our Legacy – We leave our place of work in better condition than when we started.

Our Innovative Focus – We enjoy taking on challenges that others won’t by acting fast and seizing opportunities. We actively pursue innovation and new ideas, embracing technology-driven improvements to the ways we work.

Our Integrity – The Batchfire team does what we say, talks straight, brings solutions and follows through on our decisions. We are empowered to take action, make choices and learn from decisions.

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