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Six new 930E-5 Komatsu dump trucks arrive at the Callide Mine

Batchfire Resources has taken delivery of six new 930E-5 Komatsu dump trucks.

More than 60 per cent of our prestrip mining fleet is now powered by diesel-electric drive dump trucks, delivering sustainability and productivity benefits across our operations.

The latest investment in six new Komatsu 930E-5 dump trucks maintains our policy of growing the proportion of diesel-electric drive machines within the overall fleet capacity.

Passing the 60 per cent diesel-electric drive milestone significantly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide generated during prestrip mining activities.

The new Komatsu 930E-5 dump trucks are around 8 per cent more emissions intensity efficient than the older diesel-mechanical models which are being phased out.

In addition to their impact upon sustainability, these brand-new dump trucks will enhance productivity and deliver improved safety outcomes for our team of experienced operators.

More than 60 per cent of our prestrip mining fleet is powered by diesel-electric drive dump trucks.

“Continuing to reduce the Callide Mine’s environmental impact and carbon footprint is a key priority for Batchfire Resources,” said CEO Allan Fidock.

“Batchfire is an agile business which places sustainability at the heart of our operations,” Mr Fidock said. “We are constantly seeking new opportunities to reduce our overall emissions and this is reflected in our procurement policy.

“The Komatsu 930E-5 provides us with clear advantages in emission control, productivity and safety so investing in this market-leading model is the right solution for our business.

“In addition to these new machines, we expect to add a further three 930E-5s in the coming months, allowing us to phase out some of our older diesel-mechanical drive models.

“Maintaining our fleet’s high standards of reliability and efficiency, while increasing the size and capacity of the machines we operate, will result in productivity gains that benefit our entire business and emissions reductions that benefit the world in which we operate.”

Batchfire’s ongoing relationship with Komatsu since 2019 played an important part in selecting the 930 as truck of choice for the Batchfire operation.

Performance of the six 930E-4 tucks delivered to the Callide Mine in 2019 has been exceptional, with those trucks reaching 18,000 hours and still delivering above budgeted availability.

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