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Training pathway is a success for New-to-Industry operators

At Batchfire we are proud of the training pathways we provide for New-to-Industry operators as well as for experienced people within our business.

Congratulations to this group of New-to-Industry operators who recently received their Cert III qualification in Surface Extraction Operations!

These trainees have completed their RII30115 Certificate III requirements after being recruited by Batchfire’s employment partner WorkPac in early 2021. They are now qualified to operate electrical and mechanical haul trucks on site.

Batchfire’s People & Training Manager – People, Safety & Health, Tanya Smith, is responsible for the rigorous 12-month program that matches trainees with experienced machinery operators who are also qualified trainers.

“I’m very pleased for all of our Callide Coal Mine workers who worked hard to achieve the level of proficiency required to receive their Cert III qualification,” Tanya said.

“At Batchfire we are proud of the training pathways we provide for New-to-Industry operators as well as for more experienced people within our business.

“We constantly seek to innovate and improve our training process so we look forward to supporting the most recent group of five trainee operators who joined us in the last few weeks.”


A highly regimented training program

Batchfire’s training program ensures that New-to-Industry employees are given the time and experience to fully understand our site and the machines they are operating. This is a vital aspect of our safety-first workplace culture.

The pathway begins with a two-week orientation period when trainees are introduced to the key leadership team and safety team members, as well as learning the site’s standard operating procedures.

“All the New-to-Industry trainees joining us in 2022 follow a training program which focuses on one type of haul truck, ensuring they are comfortable during their learning journey before being assessed and moving onto other models,” Tanya said.

“This caring approach is similar to the concept of a learner driver in a normal car, with accredited trainers. We seek to upskill our people onto different haul truck models over a set time period once they have demonstrated competence in operation.

“We have more than 150 qualified trainers and assessors within the Batchfire workplace,” she said. “Their shared expertise helps trainees understand the details of operating specific machines including how they function, how they feel and what they should be aware of when in control.”


Pathway to become an expert driver

Trainees who complete this year-long Cert III qualification can expect to be introduced to more equipment on site as they continue along the pathway towards becoming an expert driver.

This may include being offered additional training opportunities on other equipment such as excavators, graders and dozers, continuing the process of upskilling our team.


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