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Batchfire continues to invest in data-driven solutions

Batchfire is continuing to invest in the Callide Mine and our local and regional economies, implementing a data-driven approach to operating the business.

Recent additions of MaxMine and Argus data management systems on rear dump (RD) trucks, excavators and ancillary fleets of dozers, graders and watercarts are enabling improved reporting and decision-making.

A new Mine Information and Reporting System (MIRS) project has also provided an OEM supported, sustainable, integrated solution to collecting and managing data from more than 18 software systems across the mine.

Through 2022, a further $2.7 million will be invested in new smart solutions including MaxMine, supplied by Resolution Systems, to drive improved performance and productivity of the excavator and RD truck fleet.

This technology will increase the effectiveness of mine planning, maintenance strategies and operational efficiencies within the pre-strip and coal mining fleets.

MaxMine has a proven track record of delivering cost savings and production increases to clients across the globe.

With over 2 million hours of on-asset operations both domestically and internationally, MaxMine has been extremely effective on both mechanical and electric drive trucks.

The implementation of the MaxMine system is assisting to increase productivity and reduce production costs, delivering benefits for Batchfire’s Callide Coal Mine and the local community we support through direct and indirect employment.


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