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2024 Scholarship Program Success   

Batchfire Resources welcomes its 2024 Scholarship Program recipients, as seven talented school-leavers commence their resources-focused university studies this year. 

After putting the call-out to school-leavers late last year living within the Callide Valley area and planning to undertake tertiary education in 2024, we received a great array of applications.  

We welcome the following students to the Batchfire community, each receiving $5,000 per year for university-related costs, guaranteed vacation work, and future placement opportunities at our Callide Mine. 

  • Breanna Gardiner 
  • Charlotte Maas 
  • Ella Gardiner 
  • Faith Maynard 
  • Grace Howard 
  • Riley Arnold 
  • Zoe Delroy 

Batchfire Resources General Manager ESG & Development, Stuart Schmidt, says the quality of applicants across the process is testament to this great region and its schools.  

“To have so many quality applicants from within the Callide Valley just goes to show how good the schools are and how willing the young people are to embrace a challenge,” Stuart said. 

“A career in resources is equal parts exciting and promising, which for ambitious school-leavers offers a fantastic career path. 

“We offer young people a range of opportunities through the Batchfire Scholarship Program, Apprentice Intake, and New to Industry program, because we understand the importance of fostering the next generation of resources industry professionals,” he said. 

When we contacted the Batchfire Scholarship Program recipients to let them know they had been chosen, they were all excited to hear the news. Here’s what they had to say! 

“I am very grateful and relieved to have been awarded a Batchfire Scholarship. Having this scholarship means I can focus more on my studies and progress rather than stressing about having a healthy work-life balance.” – Breanna Gardiner 

“I am very grateful to have received the Batchfire scholarship. Knowing that I have financial support during my studies and having the opportunity to work for Batchfire throughout my holidays will increase my learning experiences and connections in my chosen path. I am excited to commence my university studies in nursing where I will have the chance to learn and work alongside like-minded people. I look forward to how I can integrate my skills into the resource sector in the future.” – Charlotte Maas 

“I was so honoured to find out I was given this amazing opportunity! I am extremely excited to be able to complete vacation work with Batchfire. This experience will give me a valuable insight into the important role paramedics play in the resources sector and allow me to solidify my clinical knowledge.” – Ella Gardiner 

“I’m so grateful to have been awarded such a generous opportunity. It will be a great relief, enabling me to focus on the academics of university rather than the financial side. I am most looking forward to pursuing my knowledge and understanding about the behind-the-scenes work within the resources sector as well as learning from the experience of the industry professionals.” – Faith Maynard 

“Being awarded the Batchfire Scholarship has made the biggest difference to my university experience. I can now complete my studies knowing that not only do I have financial support, but career support as well. Having access to real-world experience while studying is invaluable in developing my identity as a future nurse and midwife. I can’t wait to be able to share my knowledge and advocate for the people in the place I call home. I’m incredibly passionate about rural health, and endlessly grateful that Batchfire has provided me the next step in making a difference in my community.” – Grace Howard 

“I am extremely grateful that Batchfire offers scholarships for undergraduate engineering students like me, where they provide financial support as well as hands-on experience. I am stoked to have the opportunity for vacation work, where I can gain hands-on experience in my chosen field. I am also excited about the idea of applying the theoretical knowledge I have learnt so far at university, in a real-life environment.” – Riley Arnold 

“I am beyond grateful to be a recipient of the Batchfire Scholarship. Receiving this financial aid has granted me the opportunity to take time settling in to university life and focusing on my studies. I am very excited to get involved within the university community and for every new adventure ahead of me. I look forward to gaining industry experience and connections within the resources sector as I complete vacation work.” –  Zoe Delroy 

Join us in giving all seven scholarship recipients a warm Callide welcome! We can’t wait for them to join us for vacation work, gaining real-world experience in the resources sector. 

To find out more about Batchfire you can connect with us on LinkedIn or contact us here.