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New-To-Industry Success: Bek’s Dump Truck Dream 

We sat down with Dump Truck Operator, Bek Roy, a true new-to-industry success story here at Batchfire Resources, who’s now in her third year at Callide Mine. 

Bek and her family packed up and left Brisbane almost a decade ago, with a dream to work in the mines after seeing a dump truck up close.  

“I visited a mine at Moura and went out to the viewing platform with my kids, who were little at the time. As the trucks drove past, I looked at my partner and just said ‘I want to do that!'” she said.  

At the time, Bek worked in hospitality and her partner was a tyre fitter, but the couple were craving a change of scenery and careers that would make their dream life possible.  

“I was working nights, and he was working days, so we were basically passing ships,” she said. 

“So, we just packed up our whole life in Brisbane and moved to Moura, to try and make it into the mining game!” 

It was difficult at first and Bek commenced work as a cleaner on various mine sites, biding her time in entry-level roles, and never losing sight of her dream.  

“It was not easy, and it did take time,” Bek said. “We both started as cleaners, and it took him about three years to get a traineeship and it took me about five.” 

Eventually, Bek saw an opening at Batchfire Resources and jumped at the chance to climb aboard a dump truck at the Callide Mine – doing her dream job.  

“I was lucky enough to get a start in the trucks on a 12-month traineeship, which I finished,” she said.  

“I then got some more experience before spending time in the water cart as well, and now I’m the Health and Safety Crew Representative as well. 

“I’m trying to work my way up I guess!” 

While she makes it look easy these days, starting out in such big trucks came with a steep learning curve – but Bek embraced every moment of it. 

“It is really scary at first, with the sheer size and scale of the trucks, but you also do think you’re pretty cool!” she said. 

“As I realised just how potentially hazardous it can be, it scared me quite a lot, but that’s why I’m huge on safety and following the rules – I’m a bit of a square bear!” 

When asked if she was gunning for an office role as she continues to progress through the ranks, Bek was quick to point out that she prefers the view from the cab of a truck. 

“I definitely prefer it out in the field to being in the office – been there done that!” Bek laughed. 

“I’m more so wanting to join the Emergency Response Team and work on the mine rescue side of things.  

“I would also like to become a trainer and assessor as well!” 

Bek’s advice for anybody looking at a career change, particularly women considering a career in mining, is simple – give it a go.  

“I’d say give it a go, because at the end of the day, it isn’t for everybody but, if you don’t give it a go, you won’t know!” Bek said. 

“In fact, women are overtaking our crew out here at the moment, and the mindset is changing amongst the older guys when they realise how good the women are. 

“You can really go anywhere you want once you’re in there – you’ve just got to be focused and driven.” 

For Bek and her partner, the resources industry has helped them achieve their dream life, and the lifestyle roster at Callide Mine is the icing on the cake for them.  

“I look back now at what our life was like before this, how much we struggled, and we’ve just got a whole new life now – since entering the mining industry,” Bek says.  

“I love the lifestyle roster; I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ve done seven-on and seven-off at another mine and I really didn’t like it. 

“Now we’re just laughing, basically!” 

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