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Batchfire supports employees with Men’s Shed membership

Batchfire is proud to support its workforce and the wider Biloela community with an initiative offering company employees one year of free membership at the Callide Valley Men’s Shed!

We will be paying for one year of membership for the first 100 team members who join the Callide Valley Men’s Shed, as we continue to support the mental health and overall wellbeing of our people.

“The Callide Valley Men’s Shed is important to us, as it continues to support this wonderful community,” Batchfire CEO, Allan Fidock said.

“We are always looking at ways to better support our workforce, and what better way than reimbursing them for their first year of membership at the  Men’s Shed!”

We recently donated $5,000 to the growing Men’s Shed, which went towards funding a new shed after the organisation outgrew current facilities.

For those wondering, the Men’s Shed isn’t just for men! Local ‘Shedder’ Gail Rodda recently told us that plenty of women take part in the Ladies Group.

“We include members of all abilities, ages, race and gender,” Gail said.

Batchfire will continue to support the Callide Valley Men’s Shed, as it works to offer mental health support and a safe space for locals to meet, chat, or learn new skills.

To find out more about Batchfire you can connect with us on LinkedIn or contact us here