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MaxMine technology improves productivity and reduces emissions at Callide Mine

Batchfire has renewed its multi-million dollar technology agreement with MaxMine for another three years, further enhancing our data-driven approach to reduced emissions and improved productivity. 

As part of our updated Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategy we are targeting a diesel related emissions reduction of 5 per cent per year. A key driver in helping us achieve this environmental benchmark, is the suite of MaxMine products. 

MaxMine is a next-generation mining services provider that analyses vast amounts of data, allowing us to better utilise our equipment and improve mining operations – leading to a reduction in emissions.  

We first began using MaxMine’s suite of products in 2019, initially trialling the system on three trucks before later implementing it across our entire fleet which, at the time, consisted of six excavators and 45 trucks.  

The system has vastly improved our truck and excavator fleet operations, and has recently been extended to also cover our ancillary fleet graders, water carts, dozers and front-end loaders – a total of 83 machinery units so far and increasing! 

A combination of hardware and software offers operational analytics, business improvement (BI), short interval control, production optimisation, safety and incident investigations, production reporting, and carbon reporting. 

We have worked closely with the MaxMine team over the past three years, leading to real-world improvements at the Callide Mine which include maximised payload, minimised cycle times, and reduced loading delays in waste and coal.  

Alongside the existing suite of products we utilise at our Callide Mine, we will now be the first to adopt MaxMine’s Carbon system for emissions management and reporting. 

The Carbon system is capable of reducing open pit carbon footprints by up to 20 per cent, focusing on reduced fuel use across our fleet of machinery and optimised planning. 

MaxMine Carbon uses a mix of business improvement, a technology stack, and operational analytics to deliver reduced emissions for mines like ours.  

At Batchfire, we believe in using the latest technology to support our ESG goals now and into the future.  

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