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Proposed Indigenous Land Use Agreement at Callide Timber Reserve

Batchfire Resources and the Gaangalu Nation People (GNP) are seeking to register an area agreement on the Register of Indigenous Land Use Agreements in Queensland.

This proposed Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) covers approximately 9,600 hectares of land within the Callide Timber Reserve.

When registered, the agreement will make the Callide Mine’s operations more sustainable by securing land for environmental offsets under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Batchfire Resources is committed to further strengthening our ongoing and enduring relationship with the GNP as we seek to build partnerships around land management, employment and new business opportunities.

The proposed ILUA will deliver higher environmental outcomes for the natural landscape and forestry assets on the timber reserve land and enable the GNP to conduct sustainable land management practices such as seasonable cold burns and fencing to protect wildlife.

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The National Native Title Tribunal announcement regarding the proposed ILUA has been published in the Koori Mail and Gladstone Today.

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