Future land uses at Callide Mine – your feedback matters!

April 5, 2022

Batchfire is the freehold and leasehold land holder of around 16,000 hectares across the Callide Rangelands over the Callide Basin.

Our commitment is to responsibly develop the resources of this large area while planning for sustainable, long-term land uses after mining activity has ceased.

The Batchfire team is developing a new Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan (PRCP) which will lay out our strategy for rehabilitating the Callide Mine.

A key element of the PRCP will be to enable progressive action, ensuring that each land area is rehabilitated as it becomes available while active mining continues elsewhere within the site.

What land uses are most important to you?

Engaging with our local community is central to this PRCP planning process, so we want to hear your thoughts on what should happen to the land in the future.

Are there land uses which particularly interest you or which you believe are most important? Let us know!

These post mining land uses are likely to fall into one of three general categories: agriculture, industry and recreation.

More specific outcomes might include low-density grazing; Indigenous Cultural Heritage projects; recreational walking trails; renewable energy schemes; beneficial water use; and sites for light industry.

Factors including the size, location and topography of each parcel of land will influence the ways in which it can be rehabilitated.

There may also be some small areas designated ‘Non-Use Management Areas’. The safety of future land users is our main consideration so Batchfire will support the thorough investigation of these areas by experts.

Get in touch to have your say!

To participate in this process please email us at callide.community@batchfire.com.au with your thoughts and ideas.

Your feedback is important to us so please look at the final landform maps below and consider these three questions:

– What post mining land uses would you like to see at the Callide Mine site?

– Do you think renewable energy projects would be beneficial to the community?

– Do you have any other suggestions or concerns about rehabilitation at Callide Mine?

Our community consultation process is open until 31 May 2022, when we will review the feedback and proceed with finalising the PRCP document.

In the past the Callide Mine has successfully returned mined areas to bushland featuring native trees and pastoral grasses. These stable and self-sustaining locations promote vegetation growth to support the local habitat and reduce erosion.

We look forward to delivering further rehabilitation projects that enhance the landscape and provide for a productive future.

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